Wooden formwork

Wooden formwork

White Wood

White wood is used in the construction and public works sector and used for formwork and concrete placement.

1. Planks :

Thickness: 23 mm

Width : 100 mm

Lengths : 3 m or 4 m

2. Bastaings :

Thickness : 60 mm

Width : 150 mm

Lengths : 3 m or 4 m

3. Beams :

Thickness : 60 mm

Width : 200 mm

Lengths : 3 m ou 4 m


Resistant panels with a smooth surface, adapted to different requirements which give an excellent finish to exposed concrete.

Formwork panels for columns and walls

1. Formwork Panel :

The 3-ply panels are made of 3 crossed solid wood plies of 27 mm. Its two sanded sides are covered with a yellow synthetic resin making its surface perfectly smooth for an optimal final result.

  2. Formwork Beams :

The formwork beams offers load-bearing capacity and high bending strength.
It reduces both the quantities of material and the workload.


1. Spacer Type B

Wall formwork accessories for different thicknesses
Available length: 10 cm to 100 cm

2. Corner Type A : 

They are used to fix the spacers with the brackets for the assembly of the formwork system.


3. Galvanized brackets 50 cm

The brackets hang on top of each other to reach the different formwork heights.

4. Plastic Spacers :

They allow concrete-coating.

5. Shuttering Clamp :

Used to hold formwork elements.

6. Adjustable columns clamp:

Exists in different models: from 15 to 45cm and from 17 to 42cm, from 50 to 95cm and from 52 to 92cm.
They allow the assembly of columns of different dimensions.

7. Column clamp :

They allow the assembly of columns from 65  to 135 cm.